Philadelphia Skyline at Dawn

ABOUT Fonda Photographic

Philadelphia-based photographer David Fonda specializes in high-end corporate and industrial photography of people, places, and products. Fonda Photographic delivers it’s clients creative photography, using David’s imaginative perception to uniquely portray subjects in otherwise ordinary places, from offices and boardrooms, to laboratories and factories. David’s clients range from corporations, advertising agencies and graphic-design houses to magazines, public relations firms, and architectural/construction companies.

Delivering Clean, Clear, and Dynamic Photographs

David brings an artistic eye to his work, always looking to portray the subject with a unique angle, interesting lighting, and tight composition. Producing inimitable shots from distinctive points of view, you will not find dull or run-of-the-mill photos in Fonda’s portfolio.

Speak of corporate/industrial photography and most people envision pictures of boring cubicles and dirty machines. And, yes, it does require shooting machinery, and sometimes even cubicles, but good corporate/industrial photography entails much more. And exceptional corporate/industrial photography demands an exceptional photographer.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography requires the ability to understand and to work with people both in front of and behind the camera. David has a knack of being able to relate to his subjects, eliciting honest and inviting expressions and coaxing their cooperation in creating strong, narrative images. And he has the experience and acumen to understand his clients perspective and requirements, working together to produce images that exceed their needs.

Industrial Photography

Industrial photography calls for a photographer with a wide range of technical skills and experience. It also necessitates an understanding of the products and processes. Moreover, it requires a familiarity with, and ability to operate within, the wide range of challenging, sometimes hazardous, environments of industry.

David is a proven corporate/industrial photographer. He has captured photographs from under the lakebed of Lake Ontario, to atop the steel skeletons of rising sky scrappers, from steel mills and oil fields to pharmaceutical labs and precision electronics production plants. With over 25 years of shooting in industrial environs, David Fonda has the diligence, familiarity, and inspiration needed to produce IMAGES with IMPACT in virtually any industrial setting.

As a versatile photographer, David is pleased to provide quality industrial or commercial photography in Philadelphia and beyond. Contact Fonda Photographic today, at 610-564-3624, or email David directly at