• Drainage Tunnel, Ashland, KY

    Drainage Tunnel, Ashland, KY

    Drainage Tunnel, Ashland, KY

  • Terex CC 2800 Crawler Crane

    Terex CC 2800 Crawler Crane

    NASA Space Shuttle Discovery being removed from the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, Dulles Int’l. Airport

  • Garrison Energy Center

    Garrison Energy Center

    Garrison Energy Center, a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power generation plant in Dover, DE

  • Plastic Molding

    Plastic Molding

    Loading plastic slugs

  • Energy Production Process Management

    Energy Production Process Management

    Operators review production reports in the plant operations room. Delta, PA

  • Corporate Portrait, Water Treatment Plant

    Corporate Portrait, Water Treatment Plant

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Contruction Project Manager

    Contruction Project Manager

    Suitland, MD

  • Editorial Portrait

    Editorial Portrait



High-End Corporate and Industrial Photography

of People, Places, and Products

for Marketing, Media, and Annual Reports

PEOPLE – David Fonda has the ability to understand and to work with people both in front of and behind the camera. With a knack of being able to relate to his subjects, and the experience and acumen to understand his clients perspective and requirements, he fosters cooperation in creating strong, narrative images that exceed his clients needs.

PLACES – From under the lakebed of Lake Ontario, to atop the steel skeletons of rising sky scrappers, from pharmaceutical labs and precision electronics production plants, to steel mills and oil fields; board rooms and offices, construction sites or clean rooms, David has the skills and experience to operate in the wide range of challenging, sometimes hazardous, environments of industry and produce Industrial Strength Photography.

PRODUCTS – Whether in production or in operation, David seeks to comprehend each product’s unique strengths and features, then employs an artistic eye and extensive technical skills to portray products in their best light.

Fonda Photographic’s clients range from corporations, advertising agencies and graphic design houses to magazines, public relations firms, and architectural & construction companies.

Fonda Photographic is located in Philadelphia, PA, serving the photographic needs of national and international clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Contact Fonda Photographic today, at 610.564.3624, or email David directly at david@fondaphoto.com

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